Milq + Honey
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Our philosophy on health is inspired by Dr. Sebi. If you don’t know who he is, we suggest you start googling. We live by an alkaline and mucus free based diet using high vibrational, organic, local fruits and vegetables carefully selected and partnered for easy digestion and absorption. We only use fresh spring water, straight from newlands spring and when we make our food it’s infused with the intentions of love and health. That’s where the true healing is. No matter what we make

How and why we’re making our drinks are more important to us.

Like our clothing, we believe that when you make something, you infuse your energy into your creation. It’s was therefore the most important for us to find the right person to host our organic health bar.

Tadaaa! Our organic bar, is is hosted by Phillip from Congo. We had known him for years and often (if not daily) drove to muizenberg just to get his coffee and smoothies. We’ve known him for 3 years and when we decided to serve drinks, we know he was the only person for us. Our paths seemed to align at the perfect time as he was also looking to start his own beverage bar. So, we are now working with Phillip. Come around and taste the best smoothies and coffees and let us know if we have good taste.

Ps. All beverages are based with newlands spring water. More on the importance of spring water here